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Is it possible to change the names or borders of civilizations?


Not at the moment but next bigger update I will be overhauling how civilizations work so I could add something like that then.

Great, thank you!


Nothing comes up when I click on the civilizations button. Help pls?


Did you create them yet? I guess its not very clear that after generating map you have to decide amount of civs and press begin on the left side to generate them

Oh, sorry. I'll try that.

Yeah, it worked! Thanks!


Great! I'll try to make it more clear in next version


One more problem. I keep getting the same maps regardless of seed. Do the seeds mean something else? Is there something I'm doing wrong?


I'll check if its fine on my end. What kind of seeds are you using?


Both random seeds and ones that I just type up. The seeds don't seem to be doing anything, really.


Yeah its a bug it seems. Does the same for me. It worked fine at one point. I'll have to look into it

Question, what is the license of this program?

CC BY 3.0 so do pretty much anything you want with it and its code as long credit is given to me

I get an error that the .pck file is missing!

Forgot to include it. Silly mistake. New zip version should have it