This is H.M.S. Danforth. ship tasked to explore the icy north.

Two months into your journey a mysterious fewer broke out among the crew.
It did not kill but sapped the person of strength until all they could do is sleep.
Only three men remained uninfected.

Then the temperature dropped far faster that it should have. The ship was caught in ice
and remaining crew was not enough to break it out.

All they can do now is wait for spring or enough crew to recover.


This is your crewman:

You can select him by left clicking and order around with right click. He is smart enough to do his job he is near enough to it

At the bottom of the screen you have this symbol:

Clicking it will let you place a torch work site anywhere. Move a crewman next to it and they will build a torch there. They help to see

You can move the camera with WASD or arrow keys


FPS on the web version is slightly unstable so if you don't like that you can get the downloadable version that works better.

This game was done in 3 days for Minijam 59


H.M.S. 34 MB


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Despite the simplicity, the game managed to give me tension. I hope you can expand on this further!