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ooooooh miten hieno ja ihana!!! 8)

Just Played This Game After a year. Amazing Graphics The Engine Is Better Than I Thought.Somehow looks like made from unity.Amazing Art Style.Nakikilahti is a cool and rare name though.I think its not a real word right?.Anyway thanks

Thanks! Näkkilahti is a made up place name in Finnish. Näkki part is a creature that drowns people from finnish folklore and lahti just means bay in finnish

Cool.Have Any Discord By A Chance?

I only have discord for a game I'm selling, Comic Company Manager that is a very different kind of game

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Who's ready for the spaghetti?

This was a real pleasant surprise. Once the spoops start it's all golden.

There are some flaws though: There's some stuttering, it was especially bad when going below water. There is no fullscreen option and I think that might have contributed to the stuttering, but it also breaks immersion because I can maximize the window but I still see the taskbar at the bottom and the stripe at the top with the game name etc. And finally I thought the game was a bit too generous with the air supply.

I would love to see this expanded into a longer game.


Great atmosphere and horror concepts.  I loved the graphics in this game!


I fake getting scared for views in this one. Fun game. gg

This was amazing! The atmosphere was spot on!

Muito legal! Nome bem diferente também.
Acabou que nem consegui comer o espaguete :(

Vídeo programado para o dia 15/09.

Your game is cool, I did appreciate at all, sound effects, music, atmosphere and take me to that remind from SCP-1123 (The Skull) story. 

Your video is the last third one - begins at time 31:31

hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 😍

Gameplay BR

I really liked it!


Really loved how you could just throw your phone at the end. Small thing, but really nice touch! I also thought it looked haunting, but really cool, when all those trucks appeared underwater.

Made a video


Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!

Solid entry to the jam

Full Playthrough NO Commentary 

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A very interesting game that is both easy and fun to play. The soundtrack and voice work are very well done! Great use of the submechanophobia theme. 

Gameplay begins @ 15:00


I played this about yesterday and I even knew how to go out of bounds by crawling under one of the trees that it looks like that you could crawl under like if it was a solid that can not be moved. But basically I had got onto the area where the cars are moving and when I got hit by one, I was fine like if it was nothing. But one thing that surprised me was that the whole area where you  have the trucks and cars lying around and there was supposed to be water but somehow there aren't and there is the huge boat where you have to go inside, was under the surface that you start to get to the ocean and get the skull that is in the truck. Yeah, and I got in this (huge boat/titanic) while in the normal world and the place wasn't completely filled with water and I could wander around and not die of being out of air.

So you know the whole game, right? Well, when you go back to the normal world from the titanic where you put the skull onto the human corpse there is still the skull in the truck. And when you pick it up, the game seems to crash.


I wasn't ready for the spaghetti :(


This one was very interesting! I was anxious the whole time. I would love to know what Näkkilahti means, as I'm sure that there is some cool lore behind all of this! I left the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I am in!


I'm just going to copy paste my reply to someone else on the name:

The name is combination of Näkki, which is a water spirit from finnish mythology, and lahti which just means a bay. So its just a made up place name

Oh, I see! Thank you so much! I've learned something new today lol. And you're welcome!

fun game i found the part with the spaghetti funnny and liked the look of the game aswell 

check out my vid if you feel like it :)

Good game check out gameplay!!!!

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I love the kind of horror games that are somewhat absurd and surreal but still engaging. Had a lot of fun with this and like the concept even though I am not sure I completely got it. 
Also: what does Näkkilahti mean? I tried to look it up but it seems to be a made-up Finnish word? 



The name is combination of Näkki, which is a water spirit from finnish mythology, and lahti which just means a bay. So its just a made up place name


Oh, I even knew the Näkki (or rather the Norwegian version), very cool, thanks for the info!


Yeah I think Näkki is mostly just a copy of the norse thingy

Cool game. Swimming was weird until I got a feel for it. Overall fun! Not sure if I pronounced the title correctly. 

this is a pretty good game, the spaghetti part killed me lol 

hi nice game i like the idea of the game
i play the linux versionand it  is work very well

Creepy game, loved the atmosphere!

Good game.

Show post...


There's a healthy amount of absurdity in this game. The buildup is good, but what the buildup leads to is even better. Cathartic ending.

You did a really good job with the atmosphere of this game. It was tense and I kept my eyes on my air amount. I was wondering if I was going to get eaten by something or drown first. Can't wait to see what you make in the future. 


Fun short experience! I can't really complain. I also really enjoy the spaghetti ghost lol. Really reminds me of the old "butt ghost" from scp containment breach. Check out my playthrough if you get a chance! Thanks for making the game!

Ihan ku oisin mummolassa käyny.


Näkkilahti is an amazing game. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and all. Short and simple, But still nerve racking. I did a video on it and I hope to play more games by you in the future. Longer storyline would be nice! 


Although I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce the title, this was a pretty fun and surreal game. The truck section was trippy, and the story was pretty concise for a short game.


Love these retro horror games great work.


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the concept was really cool as well, good work :)

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