When there is no room in hell for naughty children, they will walk the earth.

You must punish them and bring gifts to the deserving for you are SANTA 2000

Slay Ride is a lost fps game from 90s. Play as Santa 2000 in post-apocalyptic wasteland and defeat the Anti-Santa.


Code: SubstandardsShrimp
Audio & Music: MRBHIndustries
Art: Freshbone, SubstandardsShrimp and MRBHIndustries

Created for the 32bit Holiday Jam 2021


SlayRide_Linux_1.02.zip 36 MB
SlayRide_Win_1.02.zip 35 MB

Development log


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Awesome game! Loved the voice lines, I had great fun.

Thank you!


Neat game! Made it to the second level.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it