War rages in the sky kingdom. People still need their donuts. It is your job to deliver them.

Donuts Must Flow


CTRL+W closes the tab so avoid that or play in full screen where it doesnt happen

WASD and arrow keys to move the ship in different directions

Space and Left CTRL to go up and down

Mouse to point the ship around


- White dot is you
- Purple dot is donut factory
- Green dot is place needing donuts
- Red dot is anti-donut syndicate agent


You must pick up donuts from purple donut factories and deliver them to green places needing donuts. Your profit is higher longer distance you have to travel. The enemies get more powerful and dangerous more profit you have made. Keep playing unity you cant.


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Nice, I really liked the music! How did you compose it, I would be very interested to know, thanks!

The music was not done by myself. It was from music pack I previously bought and it made by Andrey Sitkov


I love the flight controls!